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Sanitation Project 2015.


The Sanitation Project is the current phase we are working on, after the origional Affordable Housing project came to a conclusion. The aim is to promote sanitation by constructing latrines and water collection systems that are low cost, easy to maintain and utilise local resources. The El Salvador Project is working on desigining the infrastructure required in collaboration with Engage for Development and REDES. We are pleased to say that the implementation of these designs in 2016 and 2017 were a success, and we are looking forward to improving on these designs and implementing them in 2018.


The 2015 El Salvador Project team visited communities, compiling a report from interviews with the families about their needs in terms of how we could provide them with sanitation solutions that would work for them, in addition to observing and evaluating the existing levels of sanitation. We are using the information gained to collaborate with academics from Imperial College London and professionals from industry on developing new and more sustainable solutions.