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Footbridge Project 2019.


The El Salvador Project 2019 aided in the construction of a footbridge unlike the previous years where the main focus was sanitation. The project was located in the Cantón El Yomo in the municipality of Alegría. The footbridge was intended to restore the road connecting the main settlement with the local school, which heavy rainfall had eroded in the previous years forming an impassable and dangerous ravine. In order for the kids to go to school every day, they had to take a longer route which was quite dangerous and passed through private properties which was a source of conflict. This bridge would be a solution to their problems.

The bridge

The footbridge was designed as two parallel Pratt steel trusses spanning 14.9 m with a structural depth of 0.9 m. The lower longitudinal chords of both trusses are joined by steel tubes approximately every meter. The vertical struts are located at the same distances. The usable width of the footbridge is 1.44 m. All the elements of the truss use hollow steel sections of different sizes and the deck is constituted of corrugated steel plates 3/16” thick. The railings raise to a height of 1.85 meters and are covered with a steel mesh to prevent any accidents happening to the children who will be the main users of the structure. Two masonry and concrete walls serve as foundations for the footbridge. Additional works were carried out and more are planned to protect the structure from further erosion.