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About Us.

The Project Team

The project team was first formed in 2001 within the Civil and Environmental Engineering department at Imperial College London. The group took the first El Salvador expedition in the summer of 2002, and since then the project itself has become an established annual undertaking in the student calendar. Every year, the project team is reselected by the new project leader, usually a team member from a previous year, with the aim of allowing as many students as possible to experience the project first hand. The project has an official committee as part of the Imperial College Union which acts as the interface between the expedition and the university and provides knowledge transfer from one year's project to the next. They also support the team members in fundraising and general administration each year. We celebrated our 10 year anniversary recently with an event and presentation of the legacy to date, which comprise a huge range of engineering solutions passed onto the rural regions of El Salvador. These include water sanitation and rainwater harvesting systems, sustainable housing, seismic improvements, toilet facilities, water damage prevention to houses, slope stability against landslides and much more.

If you would like to find out more about the El Salvador team and our past projects, or if you are keen to get involved in any way, please get in touch and a member of the team will get back to you as soon as possible!

Engage For Development

The project is run in collaboration with the UK registered charity Engage For Development (registered charity number: 1134416), who support our work both technically and logistically. Their mission statement is to facilitate engineering projects for development in poverty-stricken communities throughout the world by providing grants and support, while promoting a knowledge exchange between the individuals involved. Their objectives as a charity are closely in line with what the El Salvador hope to achieve each year and it is around these three points that all projects are considered;

1. The relief of those in poverty primarily through engineering work, particularly by reason of natural or manmade disaster.

2. The education of individuals and groups in developing countries with particular reference to sharing engineering knowledge and expertise.

3. The education of students, other individuals and groups in developed countries by spreading awareness of poverty and, in addition, the sharing of engineering knowledge and expertise.

How We Collaborate

The Engage for Development team's contribution plays a vital role to the success of the El Salvador Project each year. The charity are headed by a number of professional, practicing engineers and it is through their knowledge and expertise that we can confidently seek out and implement engineering design solutions to the communities of El Salvador. It is also often the case that during the course of the six week project, the students need to adapt and modify the design plan to fit with unpredictable local conditions, and in these circumstances that the advice of professional engineers are invaluable.

The charity also play a key role in helping the project fundraise by providing us with official charitable status.